• Hana Ciembronowicz

The Choice

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Research now demonstrates what most Coloradans already know: Republican tax cuts have given them more take home pay.[1] For the state as a whole, the average taxpayer will keep an additional $1348 this year, while over 10 years a family of four will keep almost $40,000 more.

In Congressional districts where Democrat officeholders voted against the tax cuts, their constituents prosper nonetheless. For example, in CD 2 represented by Jared Polis, the average tax cut amounts to $1408 a year, while over 10 years a family of four will keep an astounding $48,966! It’s sad when legislators use their votes to denounce policies that benefit their own people, and in this case it’s a disturbing omen of what might happen should Polis be successful in his run for governor.

Those tax savings can be used to pay down a mortgage or get a mortgage, preserve money for your children’s education and recreation expenses … the list could go on. This highlights one simple fact: Republicans believe that what you earn belongs to you. We support the legitimate functions of our government with tax dollars, but the government shouldn’t be viewed as ‘allowing’ you to keep your money (as if the money belongs to it); fact is, you’ve earned it – you work to live, care for your family, donate to causes you believe in and so forth.

Next Tuesday you have a distinct choice between two parties. One of them recognizes the value of your work, promotes the virtues of smaller government, and is rooting for your success.

By contrast, putting Democrats in charge will put the brakes on our economy, brakes on job growth, brakes on pay increases. Your taxes will go up because, after all, Democrats are in the business of collecting from one group and distributing to another. In fact, if you take that key element out of Democrat politics, very little remains. They are in the business of redistribution. Think about that. They are the self-appointed middlemen who take from you, give to others, and then call themselves compassionate, all while using your labor, your work, your money. Put them out of business.

[1] https://www.taxesandjobs.com/?state=state-co

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