• Hana Ciembronowicz

Paul Lundeen ensures schools promptly notify parents of serious employee misconduct

DENVER—Later today, the governor is expected to sign legislation that establishes procedures for schools to notify parents of charges brought against employees who had contact with students. The ‘Parent Notice for Student Safety and Protection’ bill, sponsored by Representative Paul Lundeen (R-Monument), requires a local education provider to notify parents if an employee is charged with the following offenses: felony child abuse; a crime of violence, not including second degree assault unless the victim is a child; a felony involving unlawful sexual behavior; felony domestic violence; felony indecent exposure; or a level one or level two drug felony.

“Parents are the frontline of defense for their children, and arming them with the information they need – after adequate due process for an offender has been completed – will keep predators out of schools and children safe,” said Lundeen.

The bill, House Bill 18-1269, requires the notification to occur within two school days after a preliminary hearing is held, or if the offense is not eligible for a preliminary hearing, within two days after the employee is charged. Notifications may be delayed if requested by law enforcement.

Additionally, the bill specifies that the notification must include a statement that the employee is presumed innocent until proven guilty, may not disclose the identity of alleged victims, and must be sent to parents of students in which the employee currently or previously may have had contact.

The new law will take effect on August 8th, 2018,


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