• Hana Ciembronowicz

Jon Becker helps protect and promote all of the Colorado’s energy resources

DENVER—Today, from the Colorado Energy Office, the governor signed legislation that equips the Colorado Energy Office to promote and protect all of Colorado’s energy resources; a portfolio which now cannot exclude Colorado’s vast oil and natural gas resources. Senate Bill 18-003, sponsored by Representative Jon Becker (R-Fort Morgan), also adds nuclear, hydroelectric and propane, as well as energy storage, to the Energy Office’s list of resources it promotes.

“This bipartisan bill ensures the Colorado Energy Office will promote an all-of-the-above portfolio, and truly recognize all of Colorado’s various forms of energy,” said Becker. “New technologies, like energy storage, have tremendous potential to reduce Coloradans’ energy costs, and I am excited to see the Colorado Energy Office work with the new innovations in energy development.”

Among other provisions, Senate Bill 18-003: amends the office’s requirement to develop and encourage increased utilization of energy curricula; expands the collaborative groups to include the energy industry and executive departments from all sources of energy; and renames the clean and renewable energy fund as simply the ‘energy fund’ and adds the authority to spend the money in the fund for educating the general public on all energy issues and opportunities.

Additionally, the bill eliminates numerous renewable energy programs that have failed to launch or have received insufficient support within the state, and broadens the Office’s mandate to include more traditional forms of energy.

Senate Bill 18-003 will take effect upon the governor’s signature.

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