Lois Landgraf, HD 21 (Fountain)

Rep. Lois Landgraf had never really called anyplace home until she and her family arrived in Fountain, Colorado in 2002.  Raised in a military family, specifically a naval one, she went wherever her Dad was assigned.


Rep. Landgraf graduated summa cum laude from the University of Maryland and later received her MBA from the University of Washington.  Military life also instilled in her a passion for travel, a great education in and of itself.  Traveling throughout Europe, Central America, and beyond, Rep. Landgraf continues to learn about other cultures and appreciates more and more what we have here in America and Colorado.


Rep. Landgraf is married to Jim, a retired Army Lt. Colonel who served in the Air Defense Artillery.  Together they raised five children and those five are raising five grandchildren, at last count.  As is often the case of an officer’s wife, Rep. Landgraf assumed a leadership position in the military community.  While stationed in Germany, she served as a chairwoman of the Red Cross.  Also, she originated a foster care program so that American children would receive foster care from Americans in Germany.


After settling in Fountain, Rep. Landgraf continued to serve her community becoming more politically active as the restraints of military life were removed. She was elected to the Fountain City Council. She served on the Colorado Municipal League’s Policy Committee. She also served on the Fountain Economic Development Board. She organized the “Bark in the Park” to help raise funds for Fountain’s K-9 unit. Active in the El Paso County Republican party, she served as secretary for the County GOP, and is a member of the El Paso County Republican Women Club.  She was El Paso county volunteer coordinator for President Bush’s 2004 campaign and the El Paso Women’s Coalition Coordinator for Senator McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.  In 2012, the people of Fountain and surrounding communities elected Lois Landgraf as their Representative to the Colorado General Assembly.