Reps. Carver and Nordberg’s community-military cooperation bill signed into law

Rep. Terri Carver – Colorado Springs (HD 20)

DENVER—Today, Colorado Springs Republican Representatives Terri Carver and Dan Nordberg attended the bill signing ceremony to witness the governor sign their bill, House Bill 1054, into law. The bill strengthens cooperation and communication between military installations, the state and the local host communities to enable stronger partnerships, help cut costs for services and increase government efficiency.

“This bill is good government and common sense—identifying areas where local communities can partner with military installations in providing needed services more efficiently and at less cost,” said Carver. “Military bases are a critical part of the local community—as we know very well in El Paso County!  This bill demonstrates Colorado’s commitment to our military installations as a critical economic sector in the state economy.”


Rep. Dan Nordberg – Colorado Springs (HD 14)

Representative Dan Nordberg added:

“It’s important that the men and women serving our country in the military know that we appreciate them and that we are here to help in their mission to defend this nation that we are all so privileged to call home. I am glad to have moved significantly closer to sending that positive message to our military while also cutting costs for our state and local governments.”
House Bill 1054 is set to go into effect on August 9th.