Rep. Wist responds to key construction litigation bill being sent to the kill committee

House Assistant Republican Leader Cole Wist – Centennial (HD 37)

DENVER—Today, following Speaker Duran’s decision yesterday to assign Senate Bill 156 to the House State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee, House Assistant Republican Leader Cole Wist (R-Centennial) responded with the following statement.

“Having a critical piece of the construction litigation reform package sent to the kill committee sends a mixed message regarding the Speaker’s willingness to meaningfully discuss affordable, attainable housing for Coloradans – and that’s very disappointing. Builders, stakeholders, industry experts and elected officials from both parties agree that Senate Bill 156 is a vital piece to solving this problem, yet once again, special interest groups who profit from a dysfunctional litigation process have hijacked meaningful progress.”

Senate Bill 156, which passed the Senate with bipartisan support, creates a mechanism for resolving construction litigation disputes prior to engaging in costly litigation.