Rep. Nordberg renames the 1-25 Cimarron Bridge after a Colorado Springs hero

Rep. Dan Nordberg – Colorado Springs (HD 14)

DENVER—Today, the House unanimously passed House Resolution 1031, sponsored by Representative Dan Nordberg (R-Colorado Springs) which renames the Cimarron Ave bridge, spanning 1-25 in Colorado Springs, to the “Lt. James “Jim” Downing Bridge.”

“The Cimarron Bridge is the gateway to Colorado Springs, and that’s why it is so fitting that it be renamed after a man who exemplifies the values of our city,” said Nordberg. “Jim’s faith in God, love of country, and commitment to helping others should serve as an example to all of us and embodies why his is truly the greatest generation.

Lieutenant Jim Downing is the world’s 2nd oldest Pearl Harbor survivor, having served on the USS West Virginia during the Pearl Harbor Attacks. During the bombings Lt. Downing was able to memorize the names of his fallen sailors and send word home to their parents that their sons died as heroes. After the attack, Lt Downing went to the hospital and took down sailors’ dying words and mailed them home to their families.

Lt. Downing gave the following statement in response to the resolution

“It is an honor to be recognized,” said Lt. Jim Downing, 103 years old.  “I will accept the honor for those who are currently serving, have served in the past, who have died in action or who are missing in action. They are all heroes.”