Rep. Lawrence helps to expand government transparency

Rep. Polly Lawrence – Roxborough Park (HD 39)

DENVER—Today, the House State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee unanimously passed legislation that will help increase transparency within Colorado Judicial Branch, a task many legislators have sought since the branch exempted itself from Colorado’s open records law in 2012. As amended, House Bill 18-1152, sponsored by Representative Polly Lawrence (R-Roxborough Park), will require the Branch to disclose information related to sexual harassment complaints to all parties involved, something that both the executive and legislative branches already must disclose upon request.

“All three branches of government should be held to the same standard of transparency,” said Lawrence. “This bill is a small step toward bringing the Colorado Judicial Branch into the same standard as the executive and legislative branches, and I appreciate the work of Representative Mike Weismann in helping me strike the right balance of transparency to advance this piece of legislation.

“I look forward to more conversations with my colleagues about drafting legislation that will accommodate the Judicial Branch’s unique elements while also putting them on the same level as the other co-equal branches of state government.”

House Bill 18-1152 now heads to the committee of the whole for further consideration.