Rep. Everett law will help veterans pursue higher education

Rep. Justin Everett – Littleton (HD 22)

DENVER—Yesterday, Governor Hickenlooper signed legislation that consolidates the information veterans and active-duty military members must review to apply for in-state tuition. House Bill 18-1228, sponsored by Representative Justin Everett (R-Littleton), creates the ‘Military Members, Veterans, and Dependents’ section within Title 23 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, placing all of the information regarding in-state tuition for military service members into the Postsecondary Education section of law.

“This new law makes it easier for military families and veterans to navigate qualifying for in-state tuition,” said Everett. “Military service members move frequently, making it difficult to learn different states’ varying in-state requirements – this new law simply makes it easier for them to pursue a college degree in Colorado.”

House Bill 18-1228 passed both the House and Senate unanimously, and takes effect on August 8th.