Navarro bill protecting domestic violence victims is signed into law

Rep. Clarice Navarro – Pueblo (HD 47)

DENVER—Today, the governor signed Representative Clarice Navarro’s (R-Pueblo) bill that protects victims of stalking and domestic violence. Current law denies bail to a person convicted of certain violent crimes, but judges have the discretion to grant bail between conviction and sentencing in cases of felony stalking or domestic violence; which in Colorado can be as much as six to eight weeks. House Bill 1150, which was passed unanimously out of both chambers, will deny bail between conviction and sentencing for cases involving felony stalking or domestic violence.

“This new law will be a sigh of relief to many victims who after enduring the stress of a criminal trial, won’t have to fear retaliation from their attacker,” said Navarro. “I am grateful to all the stakeholders and legislators who participated in this process and hope this new law empowers more victims of stalking and domestic violence to report the abuse they have suffered.”

The bill takes effect on August 9, 2017.