McNulty’s Statement on Governor’s Budget Request

DENVER—Today, Gov. Hickenlooper held a briefing to outline his November 1st budget request for FY 2013-14. Gov. Hickenlooper is requesting to increase the state budget by more than $1.1 billion next year, including more than $174 million General Fund in increased entitlement spending while requesting less than $1.5 million General Fund, a 0.0 percent increase, in additional funding for K-12 education.


Speaker Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch, issued the following statement concerning the Governor’s budget request:


“Unlike Gov. Hickenlooper and his legislative Democrats, House Republicans do not view any Coloradan as being ‘last’ or ‘least.’ Our objective is that all of our citizens have a strong foundation to succeed. During the past two years our House GOP has focused on responsible budgets that limit growth and prioritize funding for education. Students, parents and teachers continue to be a top priority as we fight to save additional money for our schools. We certainly hope that the spending in Gov. Hickenlooper’s proposed budget is not a return to the tax-and-spend agenda that moved us closer to bankrupting our state during the Ritter recession, but it will take us some time to fully review his suggestions. Our goal is to build on our success of drafting strong bi-partisan budgets that prioritize existing funding and ensure a safety net for those Coloradans most in need.”