House Republicans lead charge to kill regressive new tax bill

Rep. Kim Ransom – Douglas County (HD 44)

DENVER—Today, with the help of several Democrats, House Republicans on the House Local Government Committee killed one of the most widely panned bills of the session. House Bill 18-1054, which was conditional upon voter approval, would have instituted a 25 cent tax on plastic bags used at large grocery and other commercial stores in order to subsidize affordable housing in Colorado.

Additionally, according to the fiscal analysis, the bill would have added 18 new government employees and required more than $1.26 million dollars of general fund revenue in the first year to start the program.

Representative Kim Ransom (R-Douglas County), the ranking Republican member on the Committee issued the following statement following the vote:

“Republicans are committed to making Colorado more affordable, and thank goodness a few of the Democrats joined us in rejecting this misguided bill. Not only would this bill have been far more harmful to low-income Coloradans, it actually would have cost the state over $1.2 million dollars just to implement this new government program.”

House Bill 18-1054 died by a vote of 11 to 2.