House Republicans advance 3rd bill targeting human trafficking in Colorado

Rep. Lois Landgraf – Colorado Springs (HD 21)

DENVER—Today, Representatives Lois Landgraf (R-Colorado Springs) and Polly Lawrence (R-Roxborough Park) saw their bill, House Bill 1072, advance out of the House Judiciary Committee with unanimous support. The bill marks the third Republican-led effort against human trafficking to advance out of committee this session. Specifically, House Bill 1072 adds “facilitating travel” to the list of crimes included in the definition of human trafficking. Also, this bill would make a person who is convicted of purchasing an adult victim of human trafficking have to register as a sex offender in Colorado.

House Bill 1072 was suggested by the Protected Innocence Challenge organization, which in addition to advocating for stiffer laws against human trafficking, rates states’ human trafficking laws from A to F. Colorado has improved from a D to a B in the last five years.

“Human trafficking has tragically become a major industry in Colorado and the nation, and we need to be targeting both the supply and the demand for this horrifying crime,” said Landgraf.  “In five years, Colorado has gone from a D rating to a B in 2016, and the bill we passed today will help Colorado earn an A for its laws protecting against human trafficking – I hope these efforts will save more victims.”

Rep. Polly Lawrence – Roxborough Park (HD 39)

Representative Lawrence added:

“Colorado has become a crossroads for human trafficking, making it very difficult for law enforcement to track victims’ movement in the area. I am pleased to see Colorado strengthening its laws to combat human trafficking, and adding the crime of facilitating the travel of a victim will allow law enforcement more flexibility to arrest and prosecute people proliferating this crime.”
In addition to House Bill 1072 passing committee, House Bill 1040, sponsored by Representative Paul Lundeen (R-Monument) passed the House and Senate unanimously, and House Bill 1172, sponsored by Representative Terri Carver (R-Colorado Springs) passed the House Judiciary Committee and now awaits a hearing in the House Appropriations Committee.