Everett bill to expand vehicle puffer law passes the House

Rep. Justin Everett – Littleton (HD 22)

DENVER—Today, by a near unanimous vote, the House passed legislation to expand the current law regarding warming-up a vehicle, known as puffing, on cold winter days. House Bill 18-1296, sponsored by Representative Justin Everett (R-Littleton), expands the “puffer” law by removing the remote starter requirement as long as a vehicle operator utilizes an adequate security measure such as: using a vehicle that requires a key to move or put the vehicle into gear; keeping a keyless start fob out of the car; or using a steering wheel security device.

“No one wants to get in a freezing car in the morning, especially the parents who aren’t able to properly secure their children in a car seat without removing the child’s winter jacket,” said Everett. “This bill gives people more options to safely warm-up vehicles that may not have a remote start option, and helps ensure kids won’t have to endure freezing temperatures on their way to school in the morning.”

House Bill 18-1296 expands a 2016 law passed by Representative Everett that established the remote start option in Colorado. The bill now heads to the Senate for further consideration.