Democrats vote against gaining family consent to name legislation


Representative Hugh McKean – Loveland (HD 51)

Rep. Hugh McKean – Loveland (HD 51)

Democrats vote against gaining family consent to name legislation

DENVER—Today, Democrats in the State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee rejected a rule change that would have required legislators to gain approval in order to use a person’s name to endorse legislation. House Concurrent Resolution 1007, sponsored by Representative Hugh McKean (R-Loveland), would have changed House rules to prohibit the use of an individual’s name on legislation without the express written consent of that individual or an official member of their estate.

This issue arose earlier this session when Representative Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) was asked to remove the name of former Republican Governor Ralph Carr from his highly controversial “sanctuary state” legislation after the Carr family requested the name be removed from the bill.

“The Carr family should not have been brought into the debate about sanctuary state policies simply because a legislator tried to use Governor Carr’s name to legitimize his bad bill,” said McKean. “It just makes sense that we get written consent from a person or their estate before their name can be used as an endorsement of legislation.

“I’m disappointed that Democrats did not think this common-sense courtesy was important in these matters.”

HCR 1007 was killed on a party-line vote.