Democrats turn their backs on internet purchase privacy

House Republican Leader Patrick Neville – Castle Rock (HD 45)

DENVER – Today, Democrats killed, on a party line vote, legislation that would have prevented the State of Colorado from collecting consumers’ online purchase history. Senate Bill 238, sponsored by House Republican Leaders Patrick Neville (R-Castle Rock) and Cole Wist (R-Centennial), would have required online retailers to contact customers directly about taxes owed, rather than furnish the purchase history to the Department of Revenue.

While online retailers like Amazon collect and remit state sales tax, consumers are expected to self-remit the taxes on purchases from out-of-state retailers that do not collect state taxes. Senate Bill 238 would have prevented the Department of Revenue from compiling sensitive and private data regarding Coloradan’s online purchasing history.

“The state government does not need to know peoples’ purchase history, especially when that information is sent to cities and counties with no standard of protection,” said Neville. “I cannot believe Democrats chose big brother over our personal privacy.”
Assistant Republican Leader Wist added:

“People currently have to self-report elements of their taxes, and this bill had provisions to help them understand what taxes are owed on their online transactions. Frankly, I am shocked that Democrats are content simply hoping this state-run database of highly personal information is never compromised, hacked or breached.”
During committee several Republican committee members cited examples of large-scale government data breaches. Democrats abruptly dismissed those concerns.