Democrats turn their back on students in low-performing schools

Rep. Paul Lundeen – Monument (HD 19)

DENVER—Yesterday afternoon, on a party-line vote, Democrats killed House Bill 1089 in the House Education committee. The bill, sponsored by Paul Lundeen (R-Monument), would have required low-performing schools give parents a choice to spend their child’s state-allotted funding on alternative education options, such as other traditional, charter or private schools, or even online programs.

Specifically, House Bill 1089 would have defined a school district that is accredited with priority improvement plan or a turnaround plan for five consecutive school years as a chronically low-performing school district, and then required that district to deposit into an account the per-pupil amount of the state share of total program funding for each student.

“More than twenty-thousand students are currently enrolled in districts that have consistently failed to provide a quality education, this bill would have given the parents of these students the choice to find a better alternative,” said Lundeen. “For decades, Colorado has been unable to adequately remedy low-performing schools – we have to do something, the status quo is not acceptable, and I am frustrated my Democrat colleagues were unwilling to provide an immediate and viable alternative to help students.”