Democrats reject transparency measure of multi-modal spending in trans funding bill

Rep. Polly Lawrence – Roxborough Park (HD 39)

DENVER—Tonight, Democrats rejected an amendment to the legislature’s primary transportation bill that would have required the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) make public the cost of public and alternative transportation projects – also known as multi-modal transportation.

“I find it disturbing that Democrats are so quick to divert Coloradan’s tax dollars to bike lanes and new buses, but are unwilling to let the public see how much is being spent on these projects,” said Representative Polly Lawrence (R-Roxborough Park), who serves as the ranking member on the House Transportation Committee. “Greater transparency leads to more accountability, and it is important not only to know how much CDOT is spending on various projects, but that its spending money on places other than just the Denver metro area.”

The amendment, proposed during the debate of Senate Bill 18-001, would have required CDOT to regularly update on its website a list of each state transportation project that is funded with state general fund money, and specify the amount of funding provided for the project, the total amount of the project, and the project schedule.