Democrats reject legislation providing abortion pill reversal information

Rep. Justin Everett – Littleton (HD 22)

DENVER—Today, Democrats on the Health, Insurance, & Environment Committee killed, on a party-line vote, House Bill 1086, which would have required a woman seeking an abortion be given information regarding the possibility of an abortion pill reversal.

Specifically, the bill, sponsored by Representatives Justin Everett (R-Littleton) and Dan Nordberg (R-Colorado Springs), would have required the department of public health and environment to publish a statement on its website regarding abortion pill reversal, and doctors prescribing chemical abortion drugs should provide patients with this information at least 24 hours before providing the abortion pill.

“I trust women and I trust doctors and I think they should have all the information available to make the most informed decisions about possible health care,” said Everett. “I am especially frustrated with the lack of respect the Democrats showed to many of the licensed medical professionals, and their unwillingness to vote on a constructive amendment demonstrates just how much their vote was simply politics.”

Rep. Dan Nordberg – Colorado Springs (HD 14)

Representative Dan Nordberg added:

“In committee we had licensed medical doctors speak to the safety of this medication, and women emotionally talk about how this reversal medication thankfully saved their baby. Regardless of your stance on abortion, it is paramount that women have a right to know all of their health care options, especially when the timing of a reversal is so medically important.”