Democrats kill multiple pro-life bills after lengthy debate

Rep. Stephen Humphrey – Eaton (HD 48)

DENVER—Late last night, Democrats on the Health, Insurance, & Environment committee rejected several pro-life bills on party-line votes, following lengthy debate on each.

House Bill 1108, sponsored by Reps. Steve Humphrey (R-Eaton) and Kim Ransom (R-Douglas County), would have established a prohibition on terminating the life of an unborn child and created a criminal statute for the administration of an abortion.

The outcome of today’s votes is out of touch with the shifiting public attitudes towards abortion, and in the four decades since the Roe v. Wade decision, sciencific research has wholly disproved the long-held medical justifications for abortion” said Humphrey. “With new DNA evidence and ultrasound imagery, the life of the unborn is undeniable and yet their right to legal protection is unrecognized in the state of Colorado – that is wrong and Democrats are on the wrong side of this issue.”

House Republican Leader Patrick Neville – Castle Rock (HD 45)

House Bill 1085, sponsored by House Republican Leader Patrick Neville (R-Castle Rock), would have required clinics that provide abortions to have modern and functional ultra-sound equipment, along with processes in place for babies born-alive.

“Of all the rights protected in the Constitution, the right to life is the most sacred. As the Republican Leader, I promised to be a voice for the most vulnerable, the unborn, and despite today’s outcome, Republicans will continue to fight for them in this body.”

In addition to House Bills 1085 and 1108, Democrats also killed House Bill 1086, sponsored by Representatives Justin Everett (R-Littleton) and Dan Nordberg (R-Colorado Springs), on party lines.