Dave Williams gets an invitation from the White House to talk immigration

Representative Dave Williams - Colorado Springs (HD 15)

Rep. Dave Williams – Colorado Springs (HD 15)

DENVER—On Thursday, March 8th, at 3:00pm (EST), Representative Dave Williams (R-Colorado Springs), will meet with the White House Domestic Policy Council to discuss immigration policy and reform. Williams was given the option to bring additional lawmakers, and asked Representatives Steve Humphrey, Tim Leonard and Kevin Van Winkle to accompany him to the event.

“It’s an honor to be leading a grassroots delegation from Colorado to discuss how we can stop sanctuary cities, restore law and order, and prevent gangs like MS-13 from bringing violence and drugs across our borders,” said Williams. “This invitation shows that the Trump Administration wants to get input from specific states dealing with irresponsible immigration policies, and is serious about partnering with local leaders to tackle the growing concerns about illegal immigration in our country,”