Becker’s bill addressing rural teacher shortages clears committee

Rep. Jon Becker – Fort Morgan (HD 65)

DENVER — Today, the House Finance Committee passed legislation designed to help address Colorado’s teacher shortage. House Bill 1176, sponsored by Representative Jon Becker (R-Fort Morgan), modifies current law to allow retired teachers, bus drivers and school staff the ability to work full-time in rural districts without a reduction in their PERA benefits. Current law restricts retirees willing to return to work to only 140 days in order to maintain their retirement benefits.

“Retired teachers willing to get back into the classroom can be an invaluable asset to schools struggling to find qualified educators,” said Becker. “This legislation simply modifies Colorado’s laws to ensure retired teachers, bus drivers and food service personnel will be able to work full time in the rural schools that need their help.”

House Bill 1176 now heads to the House Appropriations Committee.