Asst. Republican Leader Wist responds to Speaker’s alarming transportation proposals

House Assistant Republican Leader Cole Wist – Centennial (HD 37)

DENVER—One day after Speaker Duran’s highly contentious remarks about transportation funding, Assistant Republican Leader Cole Wist (R-Centennial) responded with the following statements:

“Speaker Duran’s call for more taxpayer revenue without any offsetting tax reductions is a complete departure from constructive conversations with Republicans and shows she and the Democrats have given up on a fiscally responsible solution to transportation funding. On day-one she called for a ‘bipartisan consensus on a statewide transportation plan,’ yet her comments yesterday severely jeopardized transportation negotiations, and shows Democrats are unwilling to prioritize Colorado’s continually-increasing revenue for its most pressing needs.”

At a press conference yesterday, Speaker Duran shot down a revenue-neutral approach telling reporters, “what’s the point of going forward with a revenue neutral ballot issue when we have all these needs? We should try and dig deeper.” Additionally, Duran indicated that the highly controversial maneuver of reclassifying the Hospital Provider Fee and using new tax revenue for education should both be in consideration – two issues Republicans adamantly oppose.